A regular mindfulness practice supports in building a connection to the present moment experiences and creates a space to observe the self with patience, kindness and curiosity. It builds awareness of our habitual responses (thoughts, feelings, behaviours) that may not always be supportive. Through this awareness there is the opportunity to work towards more compassionate and supportive behaviour patterns.

Mindful Art Workshops:

These workshops have been created through my experience as an Art Psychotherapist and my training in teaching mindfulness. It offers a way to introduce people to mindfulness and the practice of staying present in the moment, to offer them the space to engage in creative exploration and non verbal communication through art making, and to support them with understanding feelings, and therefore being better able to manage challenging feelings they may be experiencing.

The aim of mindful workshops are as follows:

  • To introduce mindfulness; what mindfulness is, to engage in some mindfulness practices/meditations, to explore how mindfulness can be accessed in daily life.
  • To explore how stress and anxiety can be experienced in the body and also allow space for the participants to share what they are feeling most anxious about right now
  • To engage in some creative art making and exploration
  • To discuss tools that can be used to support with managing anxiety and stress, particularly in relation to exams.

These workshops can be delivered within schools, as part of corporate trainings. Suitable for young people and adults.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

8 week online course over zoom
Starting Tuesday 8th March, 7pm - 9:30pm
Half day of practice on Sunday 10th April, 10am - 2pm

Course is suitable for those with prior meditation experience and those with none.
As the course is delivered over zoom relatively stable wifi and a private room are needed.
A commitment to a daily home practice of around 45 minutes per day is asked during the course.

-Use mindfulness to relate in healthier ways to feelings of anxiety and to better manage stressful situations in both work and home life.
-Cultivate a sense of curiosity, exploration, kindness and self compassion to whatever we experience.
-Recognise when self-judgement and striving are present.
-Build a daily mindfulness meditation practice.
-Get in touch with a different way of knowing ourselves and the world.

Different forms of mindfulness practice are experienced during the course including sitting meditation, gentle mindful movement and the body scan.

If interested please get in contact.