Speaking about feelings can be challenging, especially for those still developing their emotional language or those who do not have the ability to communicate their experience verbally. Art therapy creates a space where clients are invited to use art material through which they can explore, express and work through the issues, problems or concerns that brought them to therapy.

Art Therapy is an evidence-based form of Psychotherapy. It draws on theory from the fields of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, attachment, psychology and neuroscience. My approach is also influenced by play therapy, mindfulness, compassion focused, humanistic and trauma informed approaches.

Sessions take place in a safe and confidential space. There are a variety of art materials available for clients to use. However making art is just an invitation, so the use of the art material up to the clients preference for each session. Sessions are 50 minutes long and any art work made in sessions will be stored safely for the duration of the therapy.

I support clients with the following:
anxiety, depression, self-harm, behavioural challenges, school issues/refusal, self esteem, parental separation, trauma, intellectual disabilities.

You don’t need to be an artist or “good” at art to avail of art therapy. Just start with getting in contact and we will go from there.